Lynching Of Black People By Police

Our people will never be seen as human beings in America. Let’s love ourselves, build our communities, empower ourselves economically, adopt a spirit of self reliance and own and control our own communities.

In addition I believe that Islam offers the base framework by which my people can grow and thrive. Not teachings that emphasize Arab culture over all others but a teaching that emphasizes the need to correct our own condition while not loosing core Islamic principles that all people can apply regardless of race, creed or color.

We should rebuild this and work towards defense of it as well. Vandals are a European group who gave the name to what is becoming a White supremacist practice more and more. Destroy civilization, steal resources, kill men, capture and rape women, enslave children.

We were always the civilization builders. We need to continue. Technology and science will be important to know. We need to maintain connection to our roots, but rebuild financially and militarily

One sure way of achieving is to do your absolute hardest to get out of the hood, go college and get yourself highly educated, find your way in to the so called high society and become more influential, make things happen, go back to the hood, show them how it can be done and before you know it BOOM, complete change of mindset brother.

Doctor Accused of Murder With Yoga Ball

I see these college kids out here walking in blizzard conditions during winter, wearing the same clothes over and over, staying close to home, making so many sacrifices, in a city they know nothing about, parents farrr away, lonely and more. HOPING for a chance to be a Dr. He throws his whole life away for a dizzy chick and comes up with a BUGS BUNNY plan to kill his family with a gas ball.

A man murders his wife and child for a mistress and the judge sees him crying in court so he stops the witness’s testimony?
Since when did cold blooded child murderers deserve any bit of empathy from the court?