Throughout history we have learned from our mistakes. Some mistakes we are still learning from. Time will tell as to whether or not this travel ban was a mistake. Time will tell whether or not detaining illegal border crosser’s was a mistake.

The Japanese internment camps have been proven to be a mistake. However, after a nation attacks you in a manor such as the Japanese did, I understand why the decision to detain Japanese Americans was made. I don’t like it, but all 4 of my grand parents lived through both World Wars as well as The Great Depression, & after listening to the sacrifices that they made through those events, I can understand how the fear of the unknown & the comfort of the decision to control the movements of the Japanese Americans made sense at the time.

We are a nation of laws, & there is a process for entering into our nation legally. I for one am tired of having laws on the books that are not followed or enforced. Either change the law(s) that we have in regards to immigration & enforce them, or abide by & enforce the ones that we have now.

Finally, not that it matter’s, but the reason why I say it was tough to watch, is because right now today I don’t agree with what the woman in the video is saying. However, history may prove my instinct to be wrong & if that is the case I will be more than happy to omit it. I have been told that if you were born & raised in America that you won the lottery whether you realize it or not. From my background, my struggles, & my experiences, I truly believe that statement to be true.