We Live Off Phone Addiction

We Live Off Phone Addiction

See this is what I don’t understand about people talking about phone addiction; lots of people have/manage their schedules, their emails, listen to music, watch TV, the news, even books from their phones. It’s not so much phone addiction anymore as much as it is that all the activities that we used to have to do in different ways, i.e., turn on a TV at home, get on your computer, go to a library, and or bookstore, have all become centralized. Now, has this made us be less social, perhaps, but sometimes that’s the cost of technological advancement.

Yes I remember, you left the house and no one could get a hold of you until you decided to come home and check the answering machine. It was an awesome feeling of freedom. Kids played outside and were not obsessed with getting more likes on their tweets or photos than their classmates.

Bullying was restricted to real life encounters and while still wrong, at least the whole world wasn’t chiming in with their own hateful comments. People would walk up to a cashier and actually interact with them instead of staring blankly at their screen while they fumble to pay without letting go of their phone. But there is a whole lot we couldn’t do either. Still not sure if it was worth it or not.so my advice is put down the phone, read a book, go for a walk or just sit and enjoy the company of the people around you.

Trying to organize getting together with friends always ended up with some of us waiting around for one person who was either late or not coming but had no way of telling us. If you were trying to find something, you had to ask people and half the time they either didn’t know or they’d give you the wrong information. And paper maps???

I love my smartphone and would never give it up! The one thing I will say is I have gone back to reading real books (as opposed to iBooks) and lately am more likely to pull out a real book during ‘unexpected downtime’ than look at my phone. I mean, there’s nothing good going on in the world… I’d rather just bury my head in the proverbial sand that is fiction.