Using Best Maternity Bra Breast Feed In Public?

Using Best Maternity Bra Breast Feed In Public?

This is not an attack on moms who can’t or won’t breastfeed but why would a mom who can give their baby sustenance that’s perfectly tailored to their needs instead choose to give them formula (made to closely but not completely imitate mother’s milk)?

Why The Best Maternity Bra’s Could Make A Difference

You say it’s all about the woman using best maternity bra to breast feed,  but really it’d be loads easier for MYSELF to go out and give my daughter formula when I’m out in public, but instead I choose to not hurt her stomach and give her a bottle of something she won’t drink and instead I go out in public, nervously awaiting the time my daughter gets hungry and I have to find a way to cover her and myself up, despite all of her attempts to uncover us, constantly anxious that someone like you could be in the restaurant and be disgusted that I’m feeding my daughter..but instead I make the decision that’s best for her instead of myself, to give her the perfect nutrition and deal with all the assholes that come with it. Yeah, tons of fun to breastfeed in public.

I honestly cross my fingers and hope that nothing my lil girl does will draw attention to us.

Also to give breast milk in a bottle, you’re required to pump and in order to pump this milk you must respond to a breast pump which the usual yield of a breastfeeding mom is .5 to 2oz when generally babies have anywhere from 3-5oz at a time.
I don’t think you’re thinking logically about the things you’re saying


Oh the best thing I had was a carrier. I carried them in there and walked all over NYC and no one could ever tell I was nursing. I mean it was sooo convenient since I didn’t even have to take them out of the carrier. I made it myself but I think you can buy one. I’ll search online for one and post it here Incase someone is interested. It’s not just for nursing. It’s actually a baby carrier made for both front and back carries. It was just a piece of cloth about 5yds long.

I greatly appreciate women nursing openly and in-front of all age groups. I also allowed my children to be around breastfeeding women as they grew up (now college age). Because when you do, it becomes healthy, accepted, and normal in your own family. If more families saw feeding human babies, human milk (via breasts) as healthy, accepted, and normal behavior for humans, our world would be in a better place for new moms and new babies. I will do my part, by raising my own children in the comfort of human feeding (and all mammal feeding for that matter) as the norm. In the history of the world, people not breastfeeding in public is rather new. When breastfeeding is presented to the next generation as what new mothers do as a way to feed their baby, society wins